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Election Commission

Voting for 12th Student Association Election is Open Now

Publish : 2022-05-27

Announcement from Student Election Center

Hello, the voting for the 12th NDHU Student Association Election will be conducted online at Zuvio platform.

You can read the political of every candidate and choose the one in your mind.

Move your fingers and cast your ballots, the future of DongHwa will be defined by you and me!

線上投票時間就在 5/27(五)Am9:00 至 Pm17:00 止。
The voting will be open from 9am to 17pm today (May 27).

操作說明詳見下方選委會 FB 粉專和 IG 連結
For more instructions about the voting procedure, please refer to the Facebook and Instagram pages of Student Election Center.

東華學生自治會 Zuvio 投票懶人包
Zuvio Voting Instructions
選委會FB: https://facebook.com/NDHUCEC
選委會IG: https://instagram.com/ndhusaec2017

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