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冬嶼 | Artist Released : How Z

Publish : 2022-11-26

How Z


想來點清新的饒舌嗎? 快來冬嶼吧!

Concert Information

Date|2022/12/18 Sun.

Time|16:30 Ticket-checking; 17:00 Approach time

Location|Dong Hwa University Indoor Sport center

Organizers|Dong Hwa University Student Association, Dong Hwa University Physical Education Center

Concert Q&A

❄️How to buy the ticket?
 With your student ID card, one student ID card only for one ticket.

❄️How about the ticket price?
 Non-membership| NT$300 per person.

❄️When will tickets be available?
 2022/12/12-2022/12/15 18:30~21:00

❄️Where is the ticket office?
 Jixian B1

❄️How do I know if I have pay the membership fee?
 We will check for you by showing your student ID card when you purchase your ticket! If you didn’t pay yet, you can also pay it on the spot.

‼️National Dong Hwa Unervisity Student Union management limited and the event organiser reserve the right to have the final decision in case of any disputes.‼️
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