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冬嶼 | Artist Released : Hua Chen

Publish : 2022-11-29


時間它不會停留 把握每個路口


我們一起抵達遠方 世界盡頭你在就夠!
2022年末 你一起度過

Concert Information

Date|2022/12/18 Sun.

Time|16:30 Ticket-checking; 17:00 Approach time

Location|Dong Hwa University Indoor Sport center

Organizers|Dong Hwa University Student Association, Dong Hwa University Physical Education Center

Concert Q&A

❄️Can I eat and drink in the stadium?
 No, the concert is not allowed to consume any food or drink because the site and the Covid-19 situation.

❗️Alcoholic beverages, dangerous goods are not allowed in the concert.
❗️Please follow the epidemic prevention measures. Please wear a mask during the concert.

‼️National Dong Hwa Unervisity Student Union management limited and the event organiser reserve the right to have the final decision in case of any disputes.‼️
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