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Mellifluous Spring Dance Party | Trailer and Information

Publish : 2022-03-22


At the direction our school policies and the concern of the recent outbreak of pedemics, we must sadly confirm that this event is been postponed to May 6, 2022. We are sorry about the inconvenience. (April 15, 2022 announced)

Spring Dance Party

Mellifluous Spring Dance Party


Time|19:00-22:00 (Approach Time: 18:00)

Location |Student Activities Center of National Dong Hwa University

Organizer|Dong Hwa University Student Association

Sponsors |Bar beer, NASHA

Covid-19 Prevention Measures |
1. All participants must register on the 1922 SMS Contact Tracing system.
2. To cooperate with the government's pandemic-prevention policies, all participants (including staff) must use hand sanitizer to disinfect their hands, measure body temperature and wear masks.
3. All participants must show the Handbook of Taiwan’s National Health Insurance/Covid-19 Vaccination Record with two doses of vaccine and identification documents (physical or clear copy).
4. For easy identification, staff will stamp the Hand stamp after body temperature detection and hand disinfection.
5. It is prohibited to carry or use any prohibited articles. If found, it will be reported to the police.

‼️ If the site is damaged(e.g. Vomit), a cleaning fee of 3000 will be charged. ‼️


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