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Pandemic Prevention Information Reminder

Publish : 2022-04-23

Given that our school starts in-person class from 2022/04/24, and the school authority will proceed with roll planning adjustments due to the tremendous change of the pandemic. In order to avoid the information being too complicated, we will simply organize the current Covid-19 prevention information and reminders here for students' reference.

Additionally, if students encounter the following situations, please contact the fanpage of the "NDHU Student Association", and then we will provide assistance for you ASAP.

1. If professors aren't responsible for communicating with students about online or in-person classes.

2. If you are diagnosed, having stay-at-home order or self-health monitoring which impairs your right to education, obstructed leave requests or serious inconvenience in daily life, please contact us on our fan page, we will reply you ASAP.

3. If the pandemic facilities in school are insufficient, please inform the student association in full details.

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Please wear a mask, disinfect frequently when going out, and monitor your health at any time.

Let us fight the ever-changing pandemic together, being cautious at all times. Wish you all safety and health.

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